v07481 - Sensualized by Julie & Trisha

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I was in need of some R&R so I had gone to see Julie at her Sensualized Salon and I was surprised to see she had a new assistant, the lovely Trisha, I lay on the table and they started rubbing hot oil into my legs and body moving up to my arse and teasing my balls, next Julie stripped off and rubbed her tits with oil before sliding them along my body, next Trisha got her Tits out and oiled them up ready to repeat Julies actions, so she climbed on the table and rubbed her tits along my arse while Julie massaged my back and I fingered her pussy, next I turned over and Trisha rubbed my cock and balls with lots of warm oil before Julie demonstrated her Edging Technique to Trisha on my cock which felt fantastic, and now it was time for Trisha to try it out so she got into position and pulled back my foreskin and took my cock deep in her mouth Julie took her knickers and skirt off and I fingered her hot wet pussy deep and hard before she climbed on the table and straddled my face and I gorged myself on her juicy pussy while Julie sucked my Cock and Trisha sucked on my balls, Trisha suggested we move on to the bed and I lay back on the bed and Julie continued sucking on my stiff cock then Trisha sat on my face while Julie climbed aboard and rode me cowgirl before bending over and eating Trishas pussy while I fucked her Doggy style, next the girls swapped positions and I fucked Trisha Doggy fashion, we swapped positions again with Trisha underneath sucking my balls as I fucked Julie Doggy next Trisha lay on her back and I fucked her hard while Julie squeezed my balls, next I lay back to rest and checked my heart rate before fucking Trisha some more, now July was sucking on my cock before Julie and Trisha started kissing while I jerked off keeping my cock nice and hard ready to Fuck Julie once again, I pounded away deep and hard giving her a real good fucking, next my phone rand and Trisha handed me the phone, it was the Hospital calling me back to work there had been a plane crash and there were injured people that needed my attention so I had to leave rather quickly.The Dirty Doctor